15-22 Mustang (S550) Quick Angle Kit

Scotidi Race Development

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Product Overview

The S550 Mustang has proven itself to be an extremely capable chassis for drifting, and the quick angle kit maximizes it’s potential. This angle kit has serious performance at no expense. This kit is capable of 70° of angle without cutting or modifying anything on the factory chassis. You don't even need to remove the factory fender liners!

Driveability was the focus of this kit, all while sparing no expense. This is truly our finest work!

  • Billet Aluminum spindle adapter bolts on to the factory spindle.
  • Billet Aluminum control arm bodies with powdercoated steel joiner plates.
  • Billet Aluminum adjustable strut top hats to set the appropriate caster and camber
  • Eliminate the factory double ball joint, replaced by a single ball joint.
  • 2” drop spindle
  • 70° of angle with stock rack limiters removed
  • Steering feel is comfortable and predictable. The steering arm was made as long as possible to reduce the loads on the tie rods and rack, which has plagued other angle kits.
  • Steering is limited by the rack, meaning you do not have to set mechanical steering stops on the suspension
  • Utilizes the factory swaybar!
  • Mirrored control arm means both sides of the car use the same components for the control arm, less spare parts to carry around or organize by side.
  • Control arm plates are designed to be the failure point in an accident, meaning you dont need to remove the whole arm from the car in the event of a collision/timed repair, just unbolt the plates and swap in new ones. It also means they are the least expensive replacement part possible.
  • 3 positions of ackerman: 2°, 6°, 10°
  • Ackerman plates are swappable without even pulling a wheel off of the car!

For Track use only, NOT DOT APPROVED.


Do you play Assetto Corsa? Want to try the angle kit out before you buy? Download the Scotidi Race Development S550 here




(No reviews yet) Write a Review