15-22 Mustang Dual Caliper Bracket Kit

Scotidi Race Development

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Product Overview

So you want to install dual calipers on your ‘15 and newer Mustang? You’re wild and we like it. What you probably don’t want to do is completely disassemble your rear suspension to do so, especially with those finicky axle nuts that will loosen up and destroy wheel bearings if you don’t torque them down properly!

Luckily we have created a set of dual caliper brackets that not only add a set of big Wilwood 4 pot calipers to your car, but that take about 20 min per side to install. The only thing you need to remove to install these is the wheel, the factory caliper, and the rotor! These brackets are also machined for a precise fit onto the hub, meaning they don’t rely solely on the 3 fasteners holding them on to the hub like other brackets on the market.

It is recommended to install this with our 15-22 Mustang Handbrake Mount Kit

*Requires the use of GT brakes*

*2022 has the dust shield holes but are not tapped! Requires M6x1.0 tap*


  • Dual Caliper brackets
  • All grade 8.8 hardware to install
  • Bolts to attach caliper to bracket


For Track use only, NOT DOT APPROVED.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review