15-22 Mustang Handbrake Kit

Scotidi Race Development

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Product Overview

Handbrakes are awesome tools for drifting, but ruining the interior of your car for one isn’t so great, especially when you have a 2015 and newer Mustang! 

We decided that we wanted to create a full interior handbrake option for the S550 Chassis and came up with a mount that allows you to keep 100% of your interior, hides every component besides the handle, and puts the handle in the ideal spot.

We dare even say that it is the cleanest handbrake setup on the market for any car, considering the fact that we even send a bezel with it that will have people questioning if the handbrake came in the car from the factory!

It is advised to use this in combination with our 15-22 Mustang Dual Caliper brackets that utilize Wilwood calipers.


  • Handbrake and mount pre-assembled
  • Remote reservoir and necessary lines/fittings
  • Mounting hardware for the car
  • Finish bezel
  • 3D printed template to precisely cut out the hole for the handle


For Track use only, NOT DOT APPROVED.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review