96-04 Mustang Drift Kit

Scotidi Race Development

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Product Overview

This is it! You want to make a drift car out of your 96-04 Mustang? There is simply no other place to look. We have curated our best selection of products to go from 100% stock to 10,000% shredding, all while offering you a discount on the package.

This bundle features a 10% price reduction compared to purchasing these items separately, so you can spend more on tires and track days!

We have spent a long time behind the wheel of many sideways Mustangs and we wanted to share our secret recipe.




  • BC Racing BR coilovers with drift spec spring rates
  • Feal Racing Coilovers with drift spec spring rates

Angle Kit

  • Scotidi Race Development Quick Angle Kit


  • Scotidi Edge Handbrake .625 Integral Master Cylinder
  • Scotidi SRD Handbrake .625 Integral Master Cylinder

Handbrake Mount

  • Scotidi Handbrake Mount

Dual Caliper Brackets

  • Scotidi GT dual caliper brackets
  • Scotidi Cobra dual caliper brackets

Handbrake Lines

  • Scotidi Handbrake line kit

Bash Bars

  • Scotidi Front Bash bar
  • Scotidi Rear Bash bar



(No reviews yet) Write a Review