94-04 Mustang Handbrake mount kit

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Product Overview

Bought a handbrake and dont know where to mount it? The Scotidi Handbrake mount makes it easy to install the handbrake without any cutting, drilling or welding.

  • The thick steel plate comes powdercoated texture black and comes with a brushed aluminum trim ring to provide a finished look even without a center console.
  • The handbrake mount is slotted to allow the handbrake to pivot, putting the reservoir of an integral master cylinder in the front cupholder of the SN95 mustangs. With minor trimming, the handbrake can be installed while still retaining the factory center console.
  • This handbrake mount allows for the install of any wilwood or wilwood style handbrake base (all Scotidi handbrakes use the wilwood base), meaning you're not stuck with just one option for a handbrake.
  • The handbrake mount comes with the base plate, the trim plate, longer mounting bolts and the fasteners to secure the handbrake to the base.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review