EBC Front Brake Pads Mustang GT500 2005-2012 Bluestuff

EBC Brakes

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DP51210NDX .
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Product Overview

Reformulated for faster bedding and reduced early life fade Bluestuff is our recommended entry-level race pad. It brings along a medium-plus lifetime and as such has been the choice for several seasons in BMW Cup racing.

 New Bluestuff is without a doubt the EBC Track-day recommended pad. For longer races see the EBC RP1, RPX, or SR ranges.

Bluestuff being R90 approved for street use also is a popular UPGRADE PAD for heavier SUVs,  and 4 x 4 in street use because of its incredible braking power and high fade resistance, and is very popular even on armored street vehicles.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review