1984-2004 Mustang Panhard Bar Kit

Scotidi Race Development

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Product Overview

When Ford developed the Fox chassis in the mid 70s, they did not exactly have performance in mind. Unfortunately for us Mustang enthusiasts, they decided to leave the rear suspension alone for a whopping 25 year span of Mustangs (79-04).

The 4 link straight axle rear suspension was designed with compliance and NVH in mind (noise, vibration, harshness) for driver comfort, while performance was sorely lacking. Ford named this suspension “quadrabind”, for the fact that the 4 arms were supposed to oppose each other to locate the axle side to side in the car. The soft, compliant bushings in the arms did their best, but the axle was still free to roam about the car.

What does this mean? This means that when you drive your stock Mustang hard, the chassis is moving around way more than it should be. The weight transfer is exaggerated, the control arms are binding, and your confidence in the car being planted is low. Worst of all, the control arms can bind up and then randomly pop free, which is what causes snap oversteer, aka the infamous Mustang driving into crowds problem.

So how do we fix it? We add an axle locating device. The panhard bar is an easy to install solution to the axle moving all over the place under the chassis. This added link takes away the job of locating the axle and also eliminates the control arm binding issue.

The Scotidi Panhard bar takes this concept a step further to reduce the headaches of installing a Panhard bar. We have added ample adjustability to clear exhaust systems, meaning you can keep your over axle tubes (even when your car is super low!) Our Panhard kit also locates off of the quad shock bolt holes, so no need for trigonometry in the garage, you just bolt it on and align the axle side to side!

The kit includes:

  • Chassis brackets
  • Panhard rod
  • Cross-chassis brace
  • Axle mount
  • All grade 8 hardware needed to install.



For Track use only, NOT DOT APPROVED.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review