10-14 Mustang Hideaway Handbrake Mount kit, Pull Back

Scotidi Race Development

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Product Overview

Bought a handbrake and dont know where to mount it? The Scotidi Hideaway Handbrake mount kit makes it easy to install the handbrake in your S197 without having to remove the center console! This handbrake mount allows the cleanest install of a PULL BACK (upright) handbrake there could ever be, the only thing that is visible is the handle and pushrod. The factory parking brake boot can be used to clean it all up!

  • The thick steel plates mount inside the center console and around the shifter, taking place of the factory parking brake and ABS/traction switch for the handle.
  • The handbrake handle is positioned perfectly between the steering wheel and shifter, and the rest of the components are concealed by the console, giving it an OEM+ look.
  • This handbrake mount is intended to be used with our Edge handbrake, no other handbrake is gauranteed to fit but you are welcome to try!
  • The handbrake mount comes with the base plates, installation hardware to the chassis, and the fasteners to secure the handbrake to the base.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review